Life After 45…

Before 40… I had to control everything and perfection ruled. I was an expert at micromanaging my employees (not the best way to motivate people), everything had to be in order at all times, and anything less than perfect hurled me into an anxiety attack. Nothing less than my high standards would do. Workaholic was my middle name.

After 40… I learned to lighten up a little (but just a little) and tried to live a less stressful life, but my inner control freak just wouldn’t let stuff go. I had a hard time adjusting to working smarter instead of harder and longer, delegating tasks to my team, and not sweating the small stuff. I was overworked, overwhelmed, and making my body sicker and sicker each year I kept up the hectic pace. Arthritis, asthma, frequent colds and infections, headaches, muscle tension, and who knows what else had taken over from many, many years of chronic inflammation caused by stress, poor eating habits, and lack of sleep. I was, dare I say, a bitch to live and work with. I tried everything to change, but nothing worked. I was too exhausted and burned out to implement any changes effectively. Something had to give or I was headed for a life of misery. Then it all came to a head. Only a year after I started getting healthier and working a little bit smarter, everything just crashed. Sometimes, when you need it most, life just kicks you in the ass and forces change for your own sake.

After 45… The closer I get to 50 (I’ll be 48 this year – shhh!), the more I realize that success is what you make of it. Stress can be reduced and it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Now I choose to pick my battles, do something about things that bother me (rather than complain), ignore the things I can’t control or have no effect on, and live a simpler, less stressful life. I choose health and family over other people’s expectations and my own ego. I choose to have a tiny, highly profitable, more successful business, quality over quantity, smarter work over longer, harder work, and a simpler lifestyle.

Life is exactly what you make of it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I would never want to live on a tight budget, grow my own food, live in a tiny house, or give up my luxuries. That’s not for me! I find it best to simply make more money in less time, allowing for a nice income and time to live my life.

“You can’t control the random bits of misfortune which may strike you. You can only control your responses.”~ Mr. Money Mustache

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